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Printing House
of self-adhesive labels and flexible packaging


We have our own fully equipped prepress printing, closely cooperating with graphic studio what provides complete control over the preparation of the work for printing.

To avoid errors in the work designing and reduce production time of a label or package, we give guidelines for the preparation of work. They can also be downloaded here.

We prepare photopolymer printing plates.

DTP studio - Technical Specification

We accept files prepared on PC or Mac platforms. We have software in the following areas:

  • Adobe Illustrator CS6
  • Adobe Acrobat CS6
  • Adobe Photoshop CS6
  • Corel Draw X5
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel

In the provided files, we apply necessary modifications in order to properly prepare the work, according to the required technique of printing

General information about the file:

  • Color space CMYK, PANTONE
  • Text converted to curves
  • If there will be need to change the text, please enclose fonts used in the document.
  • Please attach a PDF or JPG ILLUSTRATIVE FILE with the correct view of the work in order to verify the correctness of the design.
  • PDF files at the highest resolution format with texts converted to curves.

Embedding the Design in the die:

  • The minimum distance of graphic elements (images, texts) - 1.5 mm, recommended 2mm
  • In the case of label framing, its width minimum 3mm
  • Drop minimum 3mm

Size of text and lines:

  • Font POSITIVE 3 pts.
  • Font in counter 4 pts.
  • POSITIVE line thickness 0.1 mm
  • NEGATIVE line thickness 0.2 mm


If graphic design includes a combination of bitmap and vector image, it is necessary to add a bitmap separately (minimum resolution is 300dpi, 400dpi is standard).

Formats: TIFF, PSD, EPS.

The minimum resolution: 300 dpi recommended 400 dpi.

In the case of projects that are to be printed on transparencies or silver - please indicates places for the white subprint. For best color conformity with the expectations of the customer, please send the color pattern. On request, we give digital “proof”.

In case of any doubts, please contact us.