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Printing House
of self-adhesive labels and flexible packaging


We have our own graphic design studio specializing in professional designing of self-adhesive labels and packaging.

Many years of experience of our designers enables designing of a label or packaging both aesthetically and functionally, with optimal usage of the capabilities of our production machines and available printing techniques. We have the most modern software and equipment that allow efficient and smooth operation.

We have a color management system based on the excellent GMG software and on the request of a client we print the color pattern, the so called “proof”. All the work done is archived in electronic form and at any time we can make changes on request, and then pass it on to the production site.

We also prepare printing forms which enables full control over the process of project preparation for printing.


We accept printing materials by:

  • e-mail (
  • media: DVD, CDR, pendrive
  • FTP server – access, having contacted our company first

In order to avoid surprises and ensure a smooth production, we present scheme of our steps below:
  1. We collect information from you regarding the product itself, we analyze the suggestions concerning the appearance of the packaging or label
  2. We collect technical data, we set the dimensions, type of material on which print will be applied, we design die, etc.
  3. We determine how it is going to be labeled or packed. This is important information that determines the subsequent production and confectioning method.
  4. We present project proposals for approval
  5. Having done all the needed adjustments, if we present the final version to be approved. On request, we prepare “proof” (a trial digital print simulating further production print)
  6. We prepare printing matrices and pass them to the printing site with all the necessary technical information