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Printing House
of self-adhesive labels and flexible packaging


The Printing House EKO-ROL specializes in printing self-adhesive labels and soft packaging, roll to roll.

25 years in the market, supported by a modern fleet of machines, experience and well-qualified staff puts our company among the group of the most modern printing companies in Poland. Effectively implemented quality management system ISO, ensures our customers fast and efficient service at the highest level.

The quality and reliability of the Printing House is mirrored in a bunch of hundreds of companies that have been cooperating with us for many years. We serve customers in various market segments, both in Poland and abroad. We produce packaging and labels for the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, automotive, herb, seed, chemical and many other branches. Long-term cooperation with such diverse contractors allowed to gain experience and learn the specifics of the type of customers which significantly affects the efficiency and effectiveness of our actions.

The philosophy of our company is to provide high quality services at reasonable prices. Moreover, we offer comprehensive service consisting of the preparation of graphic design, preparation of matrices, printing, packaging and sending the finished product to the customer.

In order to meet the demands of our customers, we implement new technologies by investing in the development of machinery and staff training. We also use such production materials that meet the standards for use in specific industries that are supplied by the most reputable companies of the printing industry.

We know that our packaging or label sells your product. Therefore, your success is also our success and gives us work. It all makes the highest quality and efficiency our primary goal.

We invite you to cooperation.