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EKOROL has been a valued producer of self-adhesive labels and soft packaging on the role for over 30 years.

We serve clients in Poland and other countries, mainly European. Our company's mission is quick, comprehensive and reliable implementation of entrusted orders, while maintaining the highest precision and quality of the final product. We are constantly investing in new technologies that support, accelerate and optimize our operations. We offer clients both high and low volume printing.

We are a family enterprise, which is why we understand that an important element of cooperation is reliability, flexibility and mutual trust, which is built during long-term business relationships. The most important values for us are: accuracy, innovation, honesty and close relations with clients. It is worth starting cooperation with our company because the production of labels or packaging is a complicated process, during which many technological parameters must be taken into account and the most advantageous solution should be selected.

With over thirty years of experience in this field, we offer security, trouble-free and timely delivery of orders. You should be aware that choosing a random company can not only result in problems in the implementation of the order, but also an unsatisfactory end result. It is often the case that producers and printers accept orders only above specified quantities, believing that only high-volume orders are profitable. However, we are also happy to make low-volume prints. For production, we use only the highest quality materials, appropriately selected for further applications. We invite you to familiarize with our offer and contact us.

Our team

Our team

We are a family company and that's why we always put people first

The development of our company and the highest quality of services we offer depend on people. Many employees have been with us for over a decade, there are also those who remember the beginnings of the company. They are all specialists with vast experience in printing, customer service, logistics, accounting and computer graphics. Their commitment allows us to give you the highest quality products and services. Together, we focus primarily on three basic elements: high quality, excellent customer service, and speed of service implementation. We are available at every stage of the order implementation and after its completion. The company has been managed from the beginning by its founder Stanisław Janicki, who was joined by his daughter Izabela Modzelewska.

 PN - EN ISO 9001:2015-10

PN - EN ISO 9001:2015-10

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Our team in focus

The implementation of each order is possible only thanks to our reliable team. Meet people involved in the production of labels and packaging for your products.

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